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Breaking My Horizons

Documentation of site-specific Installation. Mixed-media, watercolors on paper, ceramics, found object


In my work, I am breaking and shifting the horizon of a false reality. The idea behind these works is that I am the land. All my tears and fears are intermixed into these paintings. I am praying to God. Sometimes, I am broken in despair when I attempt to paint these paintings. I have no answers, no understanding. It’s all there whether you like it or not.  Through the emptying out of meaning, resonance, and significance, the image becomes something other and loses its “claim to meaning.”It is here in the gap created by what Lacan described as “the very void of meaning and lack of truth” that the artist, and the viewer meet. And it is here, Jean Fisher believes that the poetic gesture creates a momentary loss of control, and a where new insight of reality can converge into un-thought configurations of reality. Through these allegorical landscapes there are deconstructive methods of disruption that occurs to shake meaning. 

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